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Hello all,

Well, I should be out catching moosebutter at the Nomad Theater performance tonight, but my wife says, "Not again. You've been acappelling every night this week," . . etc. so we're having a quiet evening and I'm taking a few minutes out to make this brief report before she misses me.

I'm just going to cover a few notes: lots going on here and lots more coming up. We've had a pretty successful late summer and fall, with the busiest a cappella schedule I've seen since I moved to Colorado. Things seem to been coming back up after a long dry spell since we got into the 21st Century. There were almost 40 performances in our late summer calendar through October, about 2/3 of them free community events. I'm sure there were more, because we don't get the word on everything, although it's getting better all the time. The quarterly "Colorado Songster" goes to 1400 subscribers every quarter, with more requests coming in all the time.

About 4 new CDs by Colorado groups have been recently announced and two of those have held release parties as part of our "Bolder A Cappella" series. The colleges are back up with some new or rejuvenated ensembles and the fall, although slow getting started, seems to be moving into a very active year.

This summer's Rocky Mountain Vocal Jazz Camp (which featured more a cappella than ever), was the best in its 7-year history. Unbelievably talented faculty working with incredibly talented kids, some from as far away as New York, but, good to see, still mostly Coloradans, many on scholarships. Julie Williams (UNC grad) runs a solid program, with visiting faculty like . . well, I can't go into details here, but I may attach a pdf of the report which runs in our fall newsletter and has a lot to talk about.

Current activities include a first visit to the BAC series from our standout UNC VJ Jazz Studies activity up north. The Northern Colorado Voices perform for the first time in our 5-year history. A signal event; real credentials in that group of seven. A new high school octet, "6 Guys named Blake," had a great first show at a Denver Metro bistro (yes, kids in a bar -- this is the Wild West) and wowed the folks with their solid sound and talent. Another school group, "Raging Harmonies" is in the big time now, opening for Deepak Chopra (how did they get that?) and performing for the CO Assn of School Boards next month. A North Texas State a cappellist has replaced our talented but retired Dave Filsinger at the Air Academy HS in CO Springs. Jim Graves sounds really promising. Oh, and we're redesigning our website, where you can find much of this information as it's published, along with a directory of 30 (so far) participating a cappella groups by size, style, level of accomplishment, etc. with contact names, phone numbers, email and websites. That's going to take a lot of pressure off me looking for groups to perform. It's if you want to take a look at our progress.

Looking down the road, it's a busy year for sure. Lots of a cappella Holiday shows scheduled; you probably saw our announcement about Harmony Sweeps; I'm presenting ideas to the CO Music Educators in January (with Take 6); Deke Sharon will be there with me; InPulse from Minneapolis will be touring schools in February; after the Sweeps we gear up for several festivals including high school competitions (with more and more a cappella with the VJ); the Metro State Jazz Festival in early April, followed by the granddaddy of them all for out here, the UNC Jazz Studies Music Festival, featuring three days of a cappella and VJ, along with the New York Voices and many talented clinicians. In May we're hosting the national meeting of the 12 a cappella groups in the American A Cappella Alliance, a consortium of avocational ensembles from across the country. The opening night features Groove Society and m-pact (we're gonna knock their socks off) with participant concerts and workshops all weekend (wanna come? It's May 5-7, 2006).

Meanwhile, one of our steady groups, Curious Gage, has regrouped and will be making another try for the Rocky Mountain Harmony Sweeps championship. The barbershoppers are looking to a big year with international events in Denver next summer.

Come to Colorado! Ski and a cappellize!

[Gotta get back to the quiet conversation with Bev.]

Rol Sharette
CO Amb